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MSPA monthly meetings: 2020/2021

May 12, 2021 - Location- Zoom
June 16, 2021 - Location- Zoom

All meetings:
12:00 PM - Executive Board
12:30 PM - General Membership meeting

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    About us

    This is MSPA NYC

    Welcome to the Middle School Principals’ Association, as we enter our 66th year of membership, as an organization of dedicated NYC principals, we continue to support the idea to educate, innovate, and inspire all students to see beyond the disciplines as a separate entity, but instead combined them as cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world application.

    The Middle School Principals’ Association is a principal advocacy group that leverages the knowledge of its members in the field along with experts at the university level to provide principals with rich and intensive professional development opportunities such as our annual conference, annual retreat and monthly meetings for professional enrichment.

    We believe in collaboration and networking to support members in reaching their desired performance in their professional lives. Our consistency and dedication to educators at the middle school level is a reflection of that passion and adherence to our goals.

    For that reason, the MSPA, continues to welcome all Middle School principals from all NYC boroughs, and strives to expand their commitment to professional development, professional learning, and sharing of knowledge. The greatest resource we have is sharing our experiences and knowledge with each other.

    Please see our schedule, for a list of meetings, times, and locations.

    Some facts

    Achievements in number

    • Year Established
    • Members
    • NYC Middle Schools


    The 66Th, Middle School Principals' Association Annual Conference: May 22, 2021, 9am-12:30pm


    This year the conference will be held virtually using Zoom.

    Free for all attendees

    There is no cost for the conference this year.


    Interested in sponsoring this year? Contact MSPA today…

    Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, author of Cultivating Genius.



    MSPA Officers:

    Dr. Ramon Gonzalez
    M.S. 223
    Bronx, NY 10454

    President Elect
    Dr. John Barbella
    I.S. 347
    Brooklyn, NY 11221

    Vice President
    Alex Angueira
    I.S. 126
    Queens, NY 11106

    Angelo Ledda
    M.S. 363
    Bronx, NY 10468

    Roshone Ault
    M.S. 296
    Bronx, NY 10456

    Executive Board

    Evita Sanabria, PS/IS 127Q
    Patrick Burns, JHS 217Q
    Director of Professional Development
    Angelo Ledda, I.S. 363X
    Harriet Diaz IS 192Q
    Vanessa Williams I.S. 141Q
    Ray Gregory, Retiree Representative
    David Vazquez, Bronx Studio School
    Maria Bender, I.S. 281K
    Camillo Turriciano, PS\IS 128Q
    Emmanuel Polanco, J.H.S. 080X
    Executive Director –Barbara DeMartino
    Asst. Executive Director- Dr. Candice Scott
    Robert Mercedes, MS 390
    Dr Juan Vives, D5
    Marlon Lowe, MS 862

    Presidents Emeriti

    Clemente Lopes
    Laura Mastrogiovanni
    Ben Basile
    Justin Berman
    Mark Cannizzaro
    William A. Moore
    Dr. Candice Scott
    Robert D. Anastasio
    Rose P. Molinelli
    Robert G. Spata
    John L. Mancini, Jr.
    Stephen Molinelli
    Arnold H. Nager
    Jules J. Weisler
    John Baxter
    Joseph Petrella
    Madeleine Brennan

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    • Most supervisory titles are represented by a professional association. Your respective association will provide you with information, programs, and opportunities to engage in a broad network with your colleagues. If you choose to join the association, complete the form below.
    The Middle School Principals’ Association is an organization that has evolved through the years and continues to provide Middle School Principals with the support and collegiality that is essential in providing leadership to the middle schools of NYC.
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    (718) 585-8202